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You've eloquently expounded on most of the troubles currently afflicting our beloved sport! The "drugging and medications" regulations certainly need overhauling. The flaws in these regulations have not gone unnoticed by many, including some of the stongest jurisdictions ( think NYRA, CDI and Stronach group) who capitalize on those flaws to camouflage their own shortcomings by fining,suspending and villifying top trainers for the dubious offence if getting too many "parking tickets". Holding these "offences" up as being in the same league as the "druggers "and "cheaters" is as dishonest as classifying parking tickets with criminal offences such as DUIs or Dangerous driving causing death. These actions seem to be meant to show that these jurisdictions are serious in their "War on Drugs and Cheating", at least to the public .They would certainly do better to press for changes in the regulations ...but then they'd have to get their own operations in order.

I'm also dumbfounded that regulators have decided to regulate or eliminate crop use. This is much like telling automobile drivers that they can only use a steering wheel that goes part way around . When jockeys cannot properly control and guide their mounts, only negative consequences can be expected. This notion that crop use some how "hurts" the horse is utter nonsense. Just check out that horsehide baseball glove to see how much thicker it is than human skin.

Thankyou for a wonderful and thought provoking piece!

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Thank you

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